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  • matter and antimatter

    I spent the morning watching What the Bleep Do We Know, a movie with a very silly name, a Yanni-esque website, and a scene with a ridiculous wedding interlude, but a movie that got in my head nonetheless. It attempts to explain quantum physics in the most layman’s terms, relating it to our perception of […]

  • Three Stories

    LA Story I felt my first real earthquake today. I mean one where I knew an earthquake was about to hit and then it did. I sat through lots of earthquakes when I lived in Palm Springs as a kid, but I don’t really remember them. We lived above the laundry facility at a hotel, […]

  • nerves.

    It’s like a tennis ball got lodged somewhere underneath my ribcage, just above my diaphragm. That’s what it feels like after I eat. The only thing that makes it feel better is jamming my hand under my ribs, pushing in on my stomach. I don’t feel sick, I don’t have anything but the sharp pain […]

  • Scenes from my birthday party

    Scenes from my birthday party

    I wish I was watching all of my 21 Jump Street DVD episodes with Sars. Best moment of the pilot: when Johnny Depp gets really sad because he can’t stop thinking about his father, we watch him from outside his apartment window as he stares at a photograph of his father while soulfully playing the […]

  • processing the new year

    processing the new year

    The morning after the wedding, we woke up and listened to this song in bed and thought about how happy we were and how perfectly the wedding went and how lucky we were to have these amazing friends and family who braved the rain and snow and winds and this strange waterfall that happens on […]

  • The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    In her latest entry, Sara gives a tour of tacky Hollywood homes, including my favorite — the year-round David house. This house is lined in white statues of David, and for Christmas they all get tiny Santa hats. Our neighborhood is decorated with lots and lots of lights, prompting stee to buy some lights at […]

  • sing out loud

    Overheard this weekend as I walked back to my table after finishing a heartfelt rendition of “A Natural Woman”: [scripty] Guy #1 That’s hot. Guy #2 “That’s Hot?” Guy#3 Well… [/scripty] I was talking about this with Dan last night, how I always enter the Karaoke joint thinking, “Tonight I’ll just play it cool. Sit […]

  • LINKS!

    I’m spending Labor Day laboring. You shouldn’t be. Here are some links. My friend Alyson is keeping a blog about the movie she’s making. In case you were wondering if it’s easy. (It’s not). Longtime Squishy readers may recall my comedy troupe friends Matt Sadler and Matt Bearden. They’ve been working together on a videogame […]

  • potholes in my lawn

    We are on the porch, working, enjoying both the view and a very rare quiet moment. I’m taking a break to update you on Skunk Watch 2004. We have motion-sensor lights in front, so we left those on last night. I also sprinkled enough cayenne pepper on my front lawn to turn those grubs into […]

  • Last night at Sara M’s

    Last night at Sara M’s birthday party, I was this close to singing one of my go-to Karaoke songs, “Gloria.” RIP Laura Branigan.