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  • working late.

    working late.

    Working on script changes for tomorrow’s read-through. That’s okay, people have made my desk pretty (one from my husband, one from my agent. this is hollywood).

  • The Raconteurs: 7″ Single

    Song: “Steady As She Goes” In case you needed further proof that I am a huge nerd…

  • blood, sweat and tears

    Which of the following things didn’t happen to me this past weekend? A) Cried at a museum. B) Ran seven miles. C) Met someone in a hot tub who knew Dan from college. D) Held Sara’s head as blood gushed down her face. E) Stayed at home, finishing my book edits. Then went to the […]

  • an actual holiday weekend

    This is the closest I’ve come to work in five days. The last time I took a break from work for more than part of a day… I think was my honeymoon. My honeymoon was also the last time I read a whole book in a day. Which since yesterday? I did. I missed the […]

  • Dear Microsoft Word,

    Please stop crashing. Why do you hate these five pages I keep trying to write? I’m so close to finishing this draft of the manuscript and I really need to send it to my editor and I’d really like for you to stop having to “unexpectedly shut down.” Because it makes me cry, Microsoft Word. […]

  • Dear R Kelly…

    Dear R Kelly…

    You might be aware of how your fans feel about your recent work, but I bet you rarely get the chance to see people watch your brilliant Trapped In the Closet series. So I present to you: the moment just after the last word in Chapter Nine:

  • Them!

    We have been battling ants for the entire summer. This is nothing new. Every summer in Los Angeles, dehydrated ants make their way into our apartments and houses, coffee shops and restaurants, trying to find something to drink. Or at least, that’s what I thought. The ants seem to be uninterested in food (save for […]

  • Two Stories I Almost Forgot To Tell

    Yes, it’s way too late to be blogging on a Friday night. What the fuck were you doing at this hour that’s so much better?… Oh, really? Yeah, that’s pretty cool. Anyway, I was remembering to write these two stories.