Hello, Bay Area!

Tomorrow morning I’ll be getting up early to drive to lovely, lovely San Francisco. Won’t you please come join me at Borders?

400 Post Street
San Francisco, CA

In Topeka over the weekend, I signed a pair of work boots. The man took off his shoes and had me sign the tops of them. Meghan, my awesome Topeka librarian and new friend (who was very disappointed I hadn’t brought Cal along for the trip), took a picture that I’ll post when she sends it, but I’m telling you… the man walked in while I was talking, dropped to a chair, started the Q&A with “What do you think about co-dependency and how do you get out of it?,” interrupted my “astute” answer to ask me my name, and then had me sign his workboots. Continue reading

“This One Time? At Journal Camp?”

If everything went well, right now Anna Beth just walked into Master V’s arms a thousand miles away from me. I certainly hope so. Asking a mom to spend five days away from her family is asking quite a bit. I had a blast having my friend here for so long, but I knew she was really missing home.

There are so many things that have happened over the past week that it would be just about impossible for me to remember all of them. That and I know AB’s going to want her own update without her conjoined twin telling all of the stories first, so there are some I’ll just leave for her to tell.

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alternate views

finding your hometown

In preparation for New Orleans, last night I started (re)reading Interview With the Vampire.  I’ve tried to read this book about three times, but right now I’m out of books, so I’m starting on this one again.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about Austin, and why I like living here so much.  Having moved around so much as a kid, I’m not really used to staying in one place for so long, and every once in a while I feel like I’ve been here too long.  Where would I go if I wasn’t here?  Eric and I really fell in love with San Francisco, and my memories of it always involve the stoop where Eleanor and Eric and I talked that first night in town.  It’s the view from there that I always remember when I think of San Francisco.  You could sit there and just see so much of the city.  I remember how I sat down and Eric sat down (we’d been off the plane about two hours) and Eric turned to me and said, “How much do you love this city?”   It was nice that we were thinking the same thing.

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