Mom just brought me a chewable calcium supplement. Two, actually. “One for later,” she said, because Jason told her that Dr. Oz said somewhere that we can only absorb so much calcium at one time, so we need to take it in two doses. I am terrible at remembering to take vitamins, but I’m even more terrible at them ever since Jason began a sentence (with only the best of intentions) with, “You know, in terms of calcium, once a woman reaches thirty-five…” I hit mute, rewind, delete, deny.

I kind of walk around all day right now with this low-level, stomach-knot anxiety. Part of it must come from me being unable to do anything that feels like actual exercise. I can’t skate, I can’t go for a run, I can’t even go for a twenty-minute walk without regretting it later. So I sit. I sit and wait. I wait for word on the upfronts. Any minute now we find out the fate of Romantically Challenged. I’m under contract there, which means I can only do so much alternate planning in case the show goes from hiatus to cancelled. With the publication of Going in Circles I am finished with my contract, and I’m now writing chapters that will end up in a book proposal. I’ve also written up a pitch for an hour-long tv show based on a novel I love, love, love, but I’m waiting on notes from my agent… who is busy with upfronts. I meet tomorrow with the studio I’m creating a half-hour pitch with this development season, which means I’m waiting to find out what project I’ll ultimately be pitching with them. I’m waiting on responses for a few other possibles here and there. All good things, if only a “YES” would come back. I’m waiting. I’m writing. I’m waiting. And I’m closely monitoring my dwindling savings account. Continue reading

Big Week, Big Day

1. Success! We hit over 200 donations for the Dewey Donation System!

2. The show I was working on over the winter, Romantically Challenged, starring Alyssa Milano, premieres tonight on ABC after Dancing With the Stars. I believe in the next month they’re airing four of the six episodes we shot.

3. Going in Circles comes out tomorrow! There was some Friday night silliness over it, when Dan and I went to the Grove to see what my friend meant when she texted, “I just saw your face at Barnes and Noble.” We got in trouble for taking pictures of the sign. “But that’s HER!” Dan kept saying to the security guard, who was having none of it. The third time he came over to tell us to stop, one of the store managers was with him. He gave me this bemused smirk like I was less-than-adorable. “That’s okay. I understand,” he said. “Is this your first novel?”

Which is when I had to say, “Um, no, sir. It’s my third.”


Stayin’ classy, y’all.

Almost Wrapped…

Last day of work here at the sitcom. My desk is cleaned off, the final script is sitting next to me, and I’m watching my calendar fill up. But don’t cry — you’re totally invited!

Sunday, March 28th (That’s SO SOON): LA Derby Dolls Exhibition Bout: Baby Doll Brawl

On Sunday, March 28, the L.A. Derby Dolls will feature up-and-coming skaters in 2010’s first BABY DOLL BRAWL, open to all ages at the Doll Factory (1910 W. Temple Street 90026). Bring your family for a full-length bout featuring L.A. Derby Dolls’ newest skaters and future stars. The teams are Rotten Candy (PINK) v. Black Diamonds (BLACK). Halftime entertainment will be the L.A. Junior Derby Dolls, the first banked track junior derby league for girls ages 8-17 in SoCal.

Baby Doll Brawl general admission tickets are $10 and VIP tickets are $20; for children under 10 general admission is free and VIP is $5. Buy tickets online here.

Wear black to support my team, Black Diamonds. Sulfuric Astrid and I are going for our fourth straight Baby Doll Brawl victory, or as we like to call it: THE FOURPOCALYPSE.

chicks dig me

must be my golden voice… or my girlish charm

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. My life is never boring.

Last night, I became Madonna.

I’m not really sure when it happened, or how it happened… okay I guess in retrospect I can see sorta how it happened, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

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