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  • What I Do Miss About the Holidays

    Just about everything. And this: I was only in Los Angeles for the night. I dropped my suitcase at home, drove to Hollywood and rocked it with my fake rock band until the wee hours. Dana closed out the night as only she can. Props to Josh, Sarah, Scott, Allison and Buster for the background.

  • i sound like sneeze.

    i sound like sneeze.

    Wha?! Hello? Whazza–hunh? Mmf. I just woke up on the couch. German subtitled movies aren’t so good on a Friday night when you’re ill, unless you want to fall asleep. I’ve figured out where this cold came from. The recipe: 1. Picket in the rain. 2. Picket in the cold. 3. Picket in the cold…