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  • no great genius

    I just found an Internet review of my first novel, Why Girls Are Weird, that may be my favorite blurb of all time: “it’s a simply written book of no great genius, but i lost count how many times i was laughing out loud. very entertaining.” My work here is done!

  • Book Review: Trashionista

    “Benny’s an entertaining and intelligent (if frequently unreliable) narrator and her mother is hilarious. Plus Mickey is one of the most original chick lit heroes I’ve read for a long time (the scenes between them crackle off the page).” — Keris Stainton

  • The Thank-You Round-Up

    [In lieu of an actual entry, because it’s been a little busy over here these days.] Recent reviews for Why Moms Are Weird include: “…witty, funny and self-reflective…” — Romance Junkies “Damn…how’d Pamie know all that about me?” — Sheer Mabness

  • Review: Florida Sun-Sentinel

    “…she deserves to immediately be plucked from the chick-lit ghetto — and then poised to knock talentless gimmicks such as Lauren Weisberger and Plum Sykes permanently off the best-seller lists…This joyous, single-sitting read is as bright and witty as it is wise and bittersweet. And Ribon is a sparkling talent who merits more than just […]

  • In Why Moms Are Weird info…

    until I have time to write a proper entry… U-Wire calls it an “eccentric read.” I’m not sure what that means.

  • new reviews

    “…a rollicking page-turner…Ribon has crafted Benny to a fully realized, sympathetic protagonist, an intelligent woman who lost her way at some point, but manages to stumble toward happiness. The result is fantastic and satisfying.” “…a pithy and achingly accurate tale of a family that puts the fun in dysfunctional.” Thanks to Sarah Wolf at the […]

  • review: Chaos Theory

    “Not everyone can write something that will make you laugh and cry in the same chapter. I loved it. I know it’s one of those books that I will grab off my shelf again when I need something good to read.” [Read the full review] Thank you, Sherry.

  • review: EDGE Providence

    “As with Why Girls Are Weird, the story is told in a semi-diary format. And, as with The Odyssey, the main character goes on a hero’s journey of growth and discovery. Okay, that second part is actually true, but I mostly threw it in so I could be the first reviewer to put a ‘chick […]

  • reviews and book tour info

    “…And when Pam writes about situations that might be traditionally wacky, she doesn’t turn away from the depth of how bad that sucks when it’s you. Another writer– a Chick Lit writer– might play the whole situation for superficial laughs, but not Pam. Don’t get me wrong, there’s laughter in the book, but it’s the […]

  • this is a blurb.

    “Ribon’s newest novel is hilarious and heartfelt. Why Moms Are Weird tackles the absurd morass of family with joyful wit and brutal honesty. I barrelled through this book.” — Jill Soloway, writer and co-executive producer of Six Feet Under, and author of Tiny Ladies In Shiny Pants. I like that blurb. Did you link to my […]