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  • reading/read

    Jonathan Lethem: As She Climbed Across the Table Alain de Botton: Kiss & Tell Joe Meno: The Boy Detective Fails Jeffrey Brown: Funny Misshapen Body: A Memoir

  • books and books and books

    Charles Baxter: The Soul Thief David Livingstone Smith: Why We Lie: The Evolutionary Roots of Deception and the Unconscious Mind David Mazzucchelli: Asterios Polyp Lucy Knisley: French Milk Jorge Luis Borges: Collected Fictions Gabriel Garcia Marquez: One Hundred Years of Solitude

  • just read/reading/will have done been already read:

    Chris Ware: Acme Novelty Library #19 Benson Bobrick: Knotted Tongues: Stuttering in History and the Quest for a Cure Mike Carey, Louise Carey, Aaron Alexovich: Confessions of a Blabbermouth Alain de Botton: The Art of Travel Geraldine Brooks: People of the Book Adam Haslett: You Are Not a Stranger Here Michel Houellebecq: The Elementary Particles

  • currently reading/just read:

    Malcolm Gladwell: Outliers: The Story of Success Carson McCullers: The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Banana Yoshimoto: Kitchen Christopher Potter: You Are Here: A Portable History of the Universe Bill Willingham, Lan Medina: Fables Vol 1: Legends in Exile Alessandro Baricco: Silk

  • Read and/or Reading

    Amity Gaige: The Folded World. I fell completely, totally, 100% in love with this, and read almost all of it in a bathtub. Jonathon Keats: The Book of the Unknown: Tales of the Thirty-six Keith Gessen: All the Sad Young Literary Men Sloane Crosley: I Was Told There’d Be Cake

  • the latest pile

    G. Xavier Robillard: Captain Freedom: A Superhero’s Quest for Truth, Justice, and the Celebrity He So Richly Deserves Peter Carey: His Illegal Self Sophie Dahl: Playing with the Grown-ups Michael Chabon: Maps and Legends: Reading and Writing Along the Borderlands

  • unemployment = books + bath

    Dara Horn: The World to Come Jonathan Ames, Dean Haspiel: The Alcoholic Nancy Horan: Loving Frank

  • can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait

    Andrew Doughty: Hawaii – The Big Island Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook Haruki Murakami: What I Talk About When I Talk About Running Nancy Horan: Loving Frank Nicole Krauss: Man Walks Into a Room Dara Horn: The World to Come Jonathan Ames, Dean Haspiel: The Alcoholic Michael Guista: Brain Work Elizabeth Berg: The Day I Ate […]

  • Lately, on the Nightstand…

    Simon Singh: The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography. So, watch out. I will crack your ATM code. Caprice Crane: Forget About It. My name’s in this! Nick Hornby, Sarah Vowell: Shakespeare Wrote for Money Carrie Fisher: Wishful Drinking

  • holiday reading, past and present

    Chuck Klosterman: Downtown Owl: A Novel. Also sometimes known ’round these parts as “The Metropolitan Urban Area of Nocturnal Birds.” The past two books I’ve read dealt with blizzards. And then the next, a thunderstorm: Max Frisch: Man in the Holocene, which was sad, haunting and filled with geology. Adrian Tomine: Shortcomings I always feel […]