reason i might be buying a new computer #576.

I was wondering why I was getting double-takes from the people sitting next to me at the Kansas City airport. It wasn’t until the waitress handed me a check and gave a glare to my laptop that I realized Missouri might not be too pleased with my charming sense of humor.

I need Sunday clothes for my computer so I can take it out in public.

making friends

I’m supposed to be writing something that’s due very soon, which means all I want to do is write the blog entry that’s been sitting in my head for a week. I’ll get this out, and then I can go over to Word and finish the outline for the new novel. I procrastinate work with other work. It’s not healthy, I’m sure, but it’s what I do. Continue reading

lattes of the rich and the famous…

The constant social disconnect that is Hollywood can be fun, but it can also get frustrating. I’m at a Starbucks staring at a man who is either:

A) Someone I met recently and had like, a single conversation with, which means I met him at a party, or I had a meeting with him, or he worked on the pilot somehow for a day…

or, more likely,

B) Someone who was recently on television or in the movies. Continue reading