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  • The Marathon, Part Two (Miles 13-CrazyTown)

    The Marathon, Part Two (Miles 13-CrazyTown)

    [Previous entries: Pre-Marathon and Part One] Mile 13 As a reward, I put on my headphones. My marathon playlist keeps me moving. I see stee pass in his car down the highway. I’ll see him again in about an hour. I run the numbers. 15, 25, 27, 37, 39, 49, 51, 101. It’s all about […]

  • The Marathon, Part One (Miles 0-12)

    “You know, your father was proud of you for more than just that race.” “I know, Ma.” “He just didn’t always know how to say it.” I got up at three in the morning. Sprang from the bed, actually, when the alarms went off. (Two different alarms). I got dressed. Wrote sleeping stee a note. […]

  • Maybe I’m Crazy…

    “But why do you want to do this?” my mom asked in that tone, the worried whine of motherhood. “For a lot of reasons,” I answered. “Because I want to, and because I don’t think I can, and… well, probably because Dad and that race when I was in the third grade.” She sighed. She […]

  • because i feel stuff.

    To put it mildly, I’ve been dealing with an overabundance of feelings. Apparently this is all very healthy and normal, and I’m handling it with the closest I can come to grace. “Grace,” for me, is crying until snot falls, flailing around my bed like an angry pre-teen, whining to any friend who will listen […]

  • a lovely addition for a mantle.

    a lovely addition for a mantle.

    One year ago, we looked like this: And now look at Miss Liz Feldman: That’s an Emmy, bitches!

  • seriously kicking it.

    Awesome accomplishment, Laura. I’m so proud of you. [Warning: you’ll probably get teary at the end, when Eric’s running and cheering, being a badass husband.]

  • blood lines

    I don’t understand why they can’t market hair removal products to women without being utterly condescending. The worst is the Intuition, which instantly puts a Shakira song in my head anyway, but to add insult to injury, they also show these women who can’t handle holding a razor. It’s always flying across the room, soap […]

  • More Books For Your Wishlist

    Look at all the books! I’m so proud. John Scalzi‘s book, Old Man’s War, comes out in January. Miranda‘s book The Effects of Light, is out in February. Wendy’s book, I’m Not the New Me, debuts in April. And Erin’s book, Tales From the Scale, is out in May. Can’t wait? Read Gwen’s book, To […]