yay, you. (and hey, YOU.)

Thanks for the link, Whitney!

It’s Day Five of the book drive, and we’ve sent 451 books, and over $2700 to two libraries in need (not counting the Glarkware Dewey t-shirts, which will be tallied once the NoN sale is over). I’m hoping we can hit $3000 today for Rockhouse, and 525 books for CI.

I’ve been seeing Dewey’s face on many of your blogs, and I know you’ve been telling your friends and co-workers, and I just wanted to take a second to thank you again. Dewey only works with the generosity and power of other people.

…but um, a heck of a lot more than 177 people come here every day. Is it the weather keeping you from clicking? When you click a button, your hands warm up. And when you send a book to a kid who needs one? You feel so warm and happy inside.

Is it that you hate kids? Or books? You know, if you hate kids, send money to the Rockhouse Foundation. Those kids are way over there. Also, your book will help them grow up, which means they’ll stop being kids and start being… what do you call them, “people?” Is that when you recognize them as entities? Fine. So if you send a book, you’re telling a kid, “Here. You’re gonna need this. Welcome to adulthood.”

Like when I read Where the Red Fern Grows and I thought I was reading a sweet story about a boy and his hunting dogs. Then I got to the end. Bam.

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