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  • Two Stories I Almost Forgot To Tell

    Yes, it’s way too late to be blogging on a Friday night. What the fuck were you doing at this hour that’s so much better?… Oh, really? Yeah, that’s pretty cool. Anyway, I was remembering to write these two stories.

  • processing the new year

    processing the new year

    The morning after the wedding, we woke up and listened to this song in bed and thought about how happy we were and how perfectly the wedding went and how lucky we were to have these amazing friends and family who braved the rain and snow and winds and this strange waterfall that happens on…

  • joy sauce

    haiku for the hungover Good-bye party fun. All my good friends showed up there. They made me feel good. we played poker late. i think tequila was there. hey i won twelve bucks.

  • comedy and poker

    when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em Sorry, this will be short.  I’m in a training class today, so I’m using my lunch hour to update. I am no longer playing poker.  I have lost $50 in three weeks and I’m just not having fun anymore.  I had a much better time just…

  • independence day

    celebrating my freedom to do nothing for four days Did everyone have a good weekend?  I sure did. The great thing about the Independence Day holiday is that you really don’t have any sort of obligations like you do with other holidays.  You don’t have to go and see people.  You don’t have a long…

  • I’m No Edward Norton

    how poker is ruining my life I know too many with a Gemini birthday. My wallet is bare. “Hi, sleepy pamie. Quit playing poker at night. You look like shit, girl”.