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  • Check Out My Bowl, Bitches

    Dear Pamela, Ah, yes. I missed you, too. I’m sorry you will be unable to join us at the 2002 International Society of Poets’ Fall Convention and Symposium in Hollywood, California–the largest and most prestigious poetry event ever held. As you know, you were selected to be honored at this event, and we were looking […]

  • Don’t Forget to Vote

    It’s not that I like bragging, but I’m having a spectacular couple of weeks. I mentioned yesterday that I’m a semi-finalist for Austin Film. Just a week ago I was mistaken for Naomi Watts at a fancy Manhattan hotel (It’s true! Even though my friend laughed her ass off at the concept, I was mistaken […]

  • Unique Artistic Vision and Semi-Worthy Poetry

    Caught up on TiVo, and it turns out that I hate the show I thought I’d like, and I like the show I thought I’d hate. How about that? The Anna Nicole Show was so disappointing. I couldn’t even find a reason to laugh. I just sat there staring, wondering why nobody bothered to make […]

  • Second Annual Squishy Valentine's Day Entry

    i remember that certain summer. you were wearing that little bikini and we played volleyball. i thought it would be funny to pull the string in the back as you went for the spike. man, i was right. that was funny. I wish you had a better sense of humor. Happy Valentine’s Day. more than […]

  • But it's Sunday!

    i had some extra time. Saturday afternoon Eric and I performed at a poetry slam. You have to understand that we didn’t know we were going to be there.

  • slacker poetry

    haikus for the machine   It’s so early out. Day two of new schedule. My eyes and spleen hurt. Play my music loud. It is cloudy and rainy. Sorry, Morrissey.

  • size does matter

    i just want to impress you with my length When I was younger I remember daytime television being really interesting. I could watch five consecutive hours of talk shows. Now I couldn’t sit through five minutes of Sally or ten minutes of Ricki before I started looking around the house for something to do. So, […]

  • a quick jot

    because i still consider myself on vacation Back from vacation. Very, very poor. Ih. Ate popcorn for dinner. A haiku, I think in these times: Vegas. I lost cash. I do every time I go. Why do I go back?