last day in silverlake

Howard Stern is on and we’re drinking coffee while writing, our morning ritual, but I’m on the floor and the computer’s resting on an overturned laundry basket. stee’s in his underwear because we forgot to turn on the only collection of clothes last night before we went to sleep. We woke up to dirty clothes covered in soap. It’s an interesting race against time — will stee have dry clothes before the movers get here? Continue reading


We’re like a bunch of Anna Paquins around here, “But we love the piano! We want the piano! We need the piano!”

But the piano, it will not fit in the new house. It’s been stee’s piano since he was five. This makes me love the piano even more intensely, probably because I don’t have anything that’s been around since I was five. I don’t even know how to play the thing. But I’m learning, which is something I wanted to do since I was five. I always wanted a piano, but we moved so often that we could never have one. My parents, as it turns out, were right. It’s hard to move with this big instrument. Continue reading