name dropping at cingular…

I was on hour “Forget It” with my Cingular phone, and gave one last call to try and figure out if there was anything I could to to resolve the fact that my Treo doesn’t send or receive email.

The support rep on the phone couldn’t hear me, and asked if he could call me on a land line. I gave him my office number.

“Um,” he said after I answered. “Is that…? The receptionist… Are you really working at Mind of Mencia?” Continue reading

a typical phone call.

Hello?… Hi, Steph….Uh-huh. It goes…
(sings) “Streaks on the china, never mattered before. Who cares?”… Right… It goes, “Streaks on the china, never mattered before. Who cares? When you drop-kicked your jacket, as you came through the door, no one glares!”
… Okay. You’re welcome. Bye.

only at my house

party lines and photos

So, how bizarre is this?

We’ve been getting collect calls on our answering machine. From the jail. When we came home Sunday night we began calling every friend of ours that could possibly be or could know someone in jail. Cell phone, answering machine, cell phone, answering machine, ring, ring, ring until I was sure that somehow all of my friends got thrown in jail while I was out of town and I was the only one who could bail them all out.

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