Tonight: Trapped in the Closet, Live at M Bar

Dear friends, the best goodbyes are in the Closet!

What can truly be said for R. Kelly’s operatic masterpiece, Trapped in the Closet? Nightmare? Genius? Stanky spewey epic? Come see the original 12 chapters performed live by Brently & friends.

This show originally premiered in LA and has traveled to NYC and back, gathering attention in the NY Times, Village Voice, LA Times, LA Weekly, CityBeat, and mo mo mo.

Join us for one special night, Friday Nov 6th at Midnight. Sing along if you can, or just come and toast the bard of the 21st century, R. Kelly.

Then, a week later, Mr. Brently relocates to Austin to start a new life as young Kinky Friedman.

So come say ta ta for now! It’s been All Things Delicious!

Trapped–LIVE by R. Kelly
performed by Brently w/ Pamela Ribon, Katey Mushlin, Jenn Bass, Jessy Schwartz, Rebecca Davis, Robertson, Chris Chauncey, Mitch Baker, Alexx Staggs, Dustin Fasching, James Leroy Brown III, Paul Feldman, Sugar Shane Laser, Jason Allen and YOU!

11/6/09 at 12:00
$10 at the door

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I lost this entry already once. Now I will rewrite in shorthand.

I had a bad show last night. Here are the excuses:
* I just moved.
* I was moving during the rehearsals
* Mom called just before the show to tell me she was going into surgery tomorrow because the dog bit her a week and a half ago, snapping a ligament in her finger. Mom’s getting a pin in her finger. Mom always prided herself on never having a broken bone, and now she does. From the dog, who was freaked out because she’s moved and twelve and got scared.

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Follow Me.

because my emotions are just ripping around here.

I’m in the wrong business.

I know that. I can’t help it. I hate it and I love it, and I know that I have some things to work out for myself.

I’m getting ahead of myself.

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gettin’ mighty tired

I have worked enough on the new revision of that i really am sick of my webpage today. Just sick of it. The domain transfer should be completed by the end of the week, with the new forum ready to go. I’m still working on changing the links.

And the big news: is now an affiliate of

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What do we do with all this independence?

Here’s the first problem. This holiday weekend started out really friggin’ shitty and just got kinda worse and has now mellowed out into this blah-thing that is impossible to care about, and not really like a vacation after all.

Jeff’s party was fun, but just sad. Very sad. Lots of tears and then we just wouldn’t let poor Jeff alone and we went and had breakfast and we didn’t technically say goodbye until seven in the morning, and then we drove home sobbing.

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very quickly

and then the tears don’t show.

This won’t be long. People are already celebrating the holiday before it’s even here. So, just some plugs.

New webhead: I’m stressed. So I procrastinate.

From the cover of the Austin Chronicle you can see that my weekend is a bit busy. Drill here to see where the final Monks shows and the final nights of my show are playing. Come see me.

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my shoes hurt

a good weekend.

The show went very well. Much better than I had ever anticipated. I haven’t been on stage like that since the Aspen audition, and for a few weeks a while back I was feeling pretty shitty about myself and all those “what-am-i-doing” doubts that creep into your head were starting to overcome me. It felt good to get onstage and just make people laugh for forty-five minutes. Just be me and have it be okay. Good, even.

So, I’m feeling better about myself.

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i'll tell you what a girl wants.

a nap.

First of all, I totally screwed up, and forgot to include this as a squishy splash page nominee. My apologies. You can vote for this one even if you’ve voted before.

So, the show opens this evening. Last night, around midnight, I had finished performing it in front of real live people for the first time. Guess what? They liked it.

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i’m stoopid.

Okay, so I’m stupid.


I tech tonight, for my new show. I thought for some time that I’d do the old show over again and be all, “Yeah, this is my old show, here it is, you are all my bitches.” But then I got to thinking that it wasn’t often you got a big space with a captive audience and advertising and promoting and all of that and I’d might as well try out some new shit to work on to audition with this fall for Aspen. So, I decided to do a new show. Well, mostly new. There’s some stuff from the old show in there.

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Like Sixteen Candles

but without jake ryan

How lame is this webpage’s birthday week? Seriously. Last year it was all fun and games, and this year I’m all, “My cat’s big. I’m busy. Do some work for me.”

The good news is I can safely announce one winner of one of the contests. By an overwhelming vote I won the entry design contest. So many of you wrote to ask me to not change the design that I’m going to say that the people have spoken. So, the one design that was sent in (you know who you are) will get a special one-day-only entry when I get back.

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