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  • inbox, part five.

    Oh, man, do I love that first moment when people realize they’re on “Oprah’s Favorite Things.” Those women go batshit. It makes me laugh my ass off every single year. [db] [readermail] Pamie, I’m just a tv fan, not involved in the industry, and I have to admit, I was really confused about the entire […]

  • dear perez.

    This is more than I’ve ever thought about you in my entire life, but I figured out why I’m pissed off you stole from my site. See, I’m out of work right now. I’m on strike. You might have heard about it. Your website has ads. Ads that generate revenue every time someone goes to […]

  • chris alonzo saves the night.

    Man, I’m grumpy tonight, even though I think the radio interview went well (and THANK YOU to the Teamster who called in to shout “YOU GO!” and say they were behind us all the way.), and I spent a few hours at the Guild getting ready for next week’s picketing– (AMPTP! PLEASE COME BACK TO […]

  • geez.

    Hey, thanks for nothing, Perez. It really would have been nice for you to post a few words about the Writers Strike or even a link to WGA.org while you were busy ganking material for your website. At least then I wouldn’t be so at a loss for words. I don’t get to work these […]

  • IN DEFENSE OF ELLEN: One Writer’s Experience

    [My sweet friend and multi-Emmy award winner Liz Feldman asked if I would post her side of the quite heated Ellen debate. I love Liz and will do all I can for her. Here’s her story. — pamie] First, let me say that I wish that Ellen hadn’t crossed the picket lines. I wish that […]