kicking it.

Pam: Hey, how hard is your kickboxing class, man?
Patrick: … You’re going to be blogging about it tomorrow.

Consequently I’m in bed. I’m about to get up, but I want to make sure my entire body is awake before I stand. I haven’t actively engaged any muscles other than my arm to lift this laptop, and my fingers to type these words but… I have a feeling my lower half is angry with me. Continue reading

tee-hee. “duty.”

So, I’m not the person who updates my profile on What’s interesting to me is that somebody does. Someone put in my birthdate, this website, the name of my husband (getting our anniversary incorrect, but still…) I find it fascinating. I know it’s not my mother, because she has no idea what the words “Television Without Pity” mean in that order. I’ve got no point to this little paragraph other than it struck me as odd. Continue reading