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  • Just Another Tuesday Night (with cat and pamie)

    So, the other night Cat invited me out to a party and…well, this happened. We weren’t planning on making a video, and it is progressively extremely NOT SAFE FOR WORK or CHILDREN or DELICATE EARS or the lady-swoony prone, like Glark. (Thanks again, Glark. And sorry. If it’s any consolation, the part where I start […]

  • Life Lesson #32: Don’t Go To A Birthday Party That Starts At 10:00 pm.

    Life Lesson #32: Don’t Go To A Birthday Party That Starts At 10:00 pm.

    I’m the only person at the Standard Cafe. The wireless won’t be working until at least next week, so I’m currently swiping WiFi from the Sunset Strip, trying to nurse my stomach back into working order. It’s all my fault, this feeling. Well, it’s a little not my fault, but it’s mostly my fault.

  • bad night. (warning: not for the squeamish or sympathetic.)

    So we hosted a small party last night, mostly comprised of people we’ve never met before. Five minutes after the first group of guests arrived, I was bleeding into the kitchen sink. This was not one of my better parties. Well, I can’t speak for the people who attended, but I wish I could send […]

  • Chris and Allison’s Wedding

    “I just want one of those damn entries out there to just be called ‘Chris and Allison’s Wedding.’ Is that so hard? Can’t it just say that and then talk about how pretty the wedding was?” I would have done that anyway, even if the bride hadn’t specifically requested it, because the wedding was perfect. […]

  • Tupper Here.

    It’s more than just the excuse to give my house a good cleaning, or the fact that I like having candles lit all over the house. I really enjoy pulling out the extra chairs and placing them around the living room, grabbing extra hangers for the hall closet, and the scattered sound pretzels make when […]

  • How To Throw a Karaoke Party

    you never know when you’ll need to know I’m tired of looking for apartments, calling apartments, the word “apartments” and the syllables that make up the word “apartments.” Therefore, I will pass on this bit of wisdom I’ve learned over the weekend. I thought it’d be a piece of cake, just walking up, renting a […]