Important words from a smart lady.

The parking garage next to my doctor’s office in Beverly Hills is the only almost-free parking garage in perhaps the entire Southland area. I think you get the first hour free, an unheard of amount of time. Like, you could go have lunch, or even a doctor’s appointment. It’s incredible.

There are sixteen signs you pass as you enter that say “Cash Only,” including a little notice taped just above where you take your ticket. It doesn’t matter — you have an entire hour! Who needs cash?

Consequently, it gets pretty crowded in there. The other day I found a spot on the second floor and took it immediately. I knew its location in the corner was going to cause problems after my appointment, but I was already running late (See article I probably will never write, but mentally compose more often than is healthy: Driving to Beverly Hills Sucks In Every Direction: No, Really, I Don’t Think You Understand). I pulled in and hustled down the street to my doctor’s building. Continue reading