Mother on the Orient Express: Part Two

Did I mention that seconds after Mom showed me her dead cell phone, I found her boarding pass on the floor of the restaurant?

This is when I confiscated all of her travel documents, and would not let her have them in her possession… until we ended up in a fight while being forced to go through customs in Canada.

”Canada!” you say. “But I thought you guys were going to Europe!

Yes, dear reader. Thank you for paying attention. I will tell you all about Canada, but not until later, because right now in this story Mom and I are still trying to get out of Newark. Continue reading

J’ai m’appelle Dorktastique Incroyable

In yesterday’s email:


Having recently visited Paris this past July, I can personally attest that any self-imposed requirement to learn French is unnecessary. I tried to learn a few phrases and found that all I needed was the basics: “hello”, “please/thank you”, and “do you speak English?”. Beyond that, most Parisians I dealt with speak enough English to cope with you (especially the wait staff at any brasserie or cafe I went to) and they’re still nice to you when they figure out you’re American (usually within milliseconds of your mouth opening).

So stop stressing about that part and try to concentrate on the fun-having part.

I also look forward to whatever you end up writing as a result of this trip (hee!). Good luck!

Much fan-love,

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mostly i’m just wigging out here.

Yesterday’s entry brought some good email/comments from you guys.

[readermail]I love that you’re taking your mom on the Orient Express. I cannot wait to read all about it. Maybe you should write a book. In fact, I command you to! Besides, it would make a way better movie than Eat, Pray, Love and Meryl Streep can play your mom and Patricia Arquette can play you. Perfect. There, I’ve cast it. Now, you just have to write the book! Start now! Hee.

Hope you’re well.


I get told just about every time I mention this trip to someone new, “Well, I look forward to whatever you end up writing about that.” But this is the first time someone went ahead and cast it. Continue reading