“my, my” that sounds familiar

why weird al is almost a monk

Well, it looks like I’ll be uploading in the afternoons for a little while, like a few weeks.  Most of you won’t even notice the change, but those of you who wait for ten a.m. central time every day to see a new Squishy, it may be a few hours later in the day.

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out loud

my cats get a world premiere of my show

Yesterday’s “Chubby Pamie and her Friends” entry generated quite a few e-mails telling me that I’m looking like Jay Leno.  Last night I was passing by MTV’s Fanatic and some poor girl was talking to Celine Dion.  I think, if you look again, you’ll notice that I actually look a bit like Celine.

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big time

UPS in time for my PMS

There’s something in my eye.  Despite the fact that my left eye is all teary and inflamed, I’m still cranking out my entry.

Everything I do, I do it for you.

Yesterday I received a package in the mail.  It was a very heavy box.

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