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  • double ditto

    (insert heavy sigh here) Wow. You know, I knew yesterday was going pretty bad, but it only got worse. We got the phone call. We aren’t going to Aspen. Let’s see how I handled this last year… Great. Good to know that it’s not exactly the same, I mean, at least this time I have […]

  • swirly

    my tummy and my head Matt Sadler, of Natch fame, won last night’s Open Audition for Aspen. He’s going to Los Angeles next month to compete in another finalist round. How cool is that?

  • “did you remember to…”

    why i might get killed backstage Sorry about the past couple of days.  My computer access has been limited.  To make it up to you, I offer a brand new Get Real Wrap on MightyBigTV. So tonight begins the weekend of comedy auditions.  Tonight we do our sketch show for an HBO representative.  I will […]

  • my name is skinhead girl

    it’s almost over As much as I’ve been complaining about how busy I am, I’m really sad that Polaroid Stories is ending tomorrow.  We’ve joked about how we haven’t done this much rehearsal for a show since competitive high school theatre, where you had 35 minutes to put up a show, run it and strike […]

  • i suck

    my lamest entry ever. The show went well. It did. I had fun. I have been very busy today and only have time to tell you this: For a real entry, go to my Mighty Big TV entry on “Get Real.” That took five hours of my life, so it feels like an entry. I’ll […]

  • miss.

    I am nervous about my show tonight. Quite nervous, actually. I haven’t done the one person show in a while. To see what’s going on in the comedy community, check out the Monks’ page. I miss my boyfriend. I miss sleeping. I miss television. I miss doing nothing. I miss my boyfriend. I really miss […]

  • blackout

    it’s all over Friday morning I was completely asleep at ten twenty when there was a loud knocking on my door.  Oh, shit.  The cable guy.  If I don’t get it now and he leaves, I’m screwed. I bolted out of bed and ran across the apartment.  “I’m coming!  Hold on!”  I shouted at the […]

  • if to when

    another weekend to remember I made it. I made it to Monday.

  • somebody stop me

    freaking out over opening night Opening night tonight. Too nervous to do any typing.

  • being competitive

    one upping the one person show Oh, I’m sleepy.  It’s been a long week, but I’ve only been at work for three days. We tech the show tonight.  This means for the first time ever people will see this show that aren’t Eric or the cats.  I’m a little nervous, but I’m sure Ray, Chuy […]