Some Advice, from My Favorite Seven-Year-Old

Dear President Elect Obama,

Congratulations on winning the election. Here are some things you can do to help our country. You can make new rules like you have to be at least thirty-eight years old to be in the army. Also, you can stop the war by breaking the enemy’s guns and cannons. Tell people to donate to charity and to help the poor. Health insurance and medicine should be a lower price. Also, please lower gas prices.


Jackson Kelman

[J&J, your letter is coming. I didn’t forget!]

Thank you, Senator Obama

For the first time since the Nixon Administration, my mother has registered to vote.

My mom, who actively tries to avoid knowing news because it upsets her too much, has HAD ENOUGH. She is voting for change and is on my sister’s ass to get registered by tonight’s deadline so they can vote for Obama two times. Obama made my mom a political activist! Do you have any idea how many years I tried to get her to vote for something, anything?

I can’t even imagine what my dad would have thought of that. My mom and sister, getting their American rights on, because they want their voices to count, so they can stand up and say: “No more.”

I’m so proud of them.