Come On, Jet Blue.

This is ridiculous.

I’m now sitting in the JFK airport, with free wireless, having a glass of wine and sushi as I wait for my flight to start boarding.

You must know:

1. I normally would never do this.
2. But this is my vacation, and I told myself I’d do things I normally wouldn’t do.
3. It still feels way too decadent, but I’m going to let myself enjoy it because
4. Yesterday was quite emotional.

I got to see lots of family and friends. We tried to see more, but families are complicated, and some people shy away from contact, and consequently we were sometimes turned away, or left knocking at the door, or sometimes we asked not to come anywhere near the door. Continue reading

are you ready to WALK?

Day four.

I had to go back and change yesterday’s entry, where I thought I’d been here for four days. I hadn’t. Now I have. It feels like I’ve been here for a long time.

I am now wearing the long underwear. And there’s a transit strike. Everybody seems to be in a good mood, but I think that’s because one morning where you have to figure out how to get into the city, carpooling with strangers, walking fifty-something blocks, is kind of fun and exciting and different. I wonder what it’ll be like tomorrow, when they all have to get up and do it again.

Meet New York Pam.

Leaving Los Angeles, I got a few tips on surviving New York during the holidays. I was told:

1. I’d need heavy clothes. An enormous coat I didn’t own. Lots and lots of layers and sweaters and basically I’d need to go buy a new wardrobe and a huge suitcase to put it all in.
2. I shouldn’t wear earrings because it would be so cold that the bars in my earlobes would freeze and hurt.
3. I was going to need to wear long underwear, and I needed boots that could survive getting soaked and I’d need to buy those boots and gloves and sweaters and did anyone mention the huge coat?
4. There was going to be a subway strike, and I’d be stranded and alone. Continue reading

shh. new york. please. ow.

dear new york.

i know. i know. it’s almost six in the morning. what am i doing up? well, it’s not because i just woke up. it’s because i just got home. you see, new york, i think if i lived here, i’d look much older. i think i’d have amazing friendships, but i’d have a hard time getting my life accomplished. let me explain los angeles to you. we all have a lot of shit going on. and we need to finish that shit. it makes us go home before two in the morning. sometimes it makes us go home before one in the morning. but you, new york, you’re like, “one in the morning is when you’re night is getting started. and aren’t you still on pacific coast time? you are nowhere near tired. i know you thought you’d have a nice run in the morning. but let me tell you — no. you will have another glass of wine. you will talk to the british bartender who will give it to you for free, and then you’ll talk about patricia arquette in a bar with strangers at three in the morning because new york thinks you’re hilarious for walking into a bar wearing a red coat. deal with it. and there’s a cab who will get you home in five minutes. so stop complaining. Continue reading

something i will never forget

I spent almost twenty-four hours with my sister this weekend. We never do this. We’ve never done anything like this. My sister has lived up north for almost a year, a two hour train ride to Grand Central. She’s never been to New York before. This time I was making sure she got to see a little of the city. As I was shuttling from JFK to Manhattan, she was on the train. We were headed towards each other, meeting far from both of our homes. She had no idea where she was going, and neither did I, quite honestly. In fact it was Dan who had to tell Bosie how to get there, which train to take and when. I’m getting better, but there are still times when this place is a mystery to me. Continue reading

I Love Tele… Jet Blue

Jet Blue.

I am the last person, I’m sure, to say this, but it’s true. Jet Blue. It’s the only way to fly. This is because it picks me up in practically my backyard and drops me off in New York City and the five hours between that time it spends distracting me so much I don’t even notice I’m flying. That’s very nice. It distracts me with the little map that tells me where my plane is, how fast it’s going and how high up we are. And then it distracts me with SO MANY CHANNELS. I’ve never been so happy to have cable. Continue reading