“Benny Wants to See the Movie Too.”

I’m off to see Austin Powers in Goldmember in a few hours. I really hope it doesn’t suck. Most likely it won’t, right? And the soundtrack will probably be good, right?

I wanted to add a sidenote to the MTV entry from the other day. How is it possible that the Basement Jaxx didn’t get nominated for “Where’s Your Head At?” the scariest, creepiest, weirdest video of all time? With the monkeys and the chasing and the making me cry at five in the morning because it’s so terrifiying? You can’t say the song isn’t mainstream enough, now that I have to watch a Pringles can sing the same song. As if it wasn’t scary enough having a lab monkey sing the song, now I’ve got to watch a dancing Pringles can sing it too. Why does the television want to make me cry so much?

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Late at Night

I am restless.


Nothing sounds interesting. I tried watching television. Reruns. I tried reading my book. Short stories of Dorothy Parker just aren’t grabbing my attention tonight. I worked out. I cooked dinner. I cleaned. I took out the trash.

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