“Benny Wants to See the Movie Too.”

I’m off to see Austin Powers in Goldmember in a few hours. I really hope it doesn’t suck. Most likely it won’t, right? And the soundtrack will probably be good, right?

I wanted to add a sidenote to the MTV entry from the other day. How is it possible that the Basement Jaxx didn’t get nominated for “Where’s Your Head At?” the scariest, creepiest, weirdest video of all time? With the monkeys and the chasing and the making me cry at five in the morning because it’s so terrifiying? You can’t say the song isn’t mainstream enough, now that I have to watch a Pringles can sing the same song. As if it wasn’t scary enough having a lab monkey sing the song, now I’ve got to watch a dancing Pringles can sing it too. Why does the television want to make me cry so much?

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"Video" "Music" "Awards"

we could debate all day.

I love the MTV Video music awards. I do. They are ridiculous and completely unnecessary and arbitrary and each year I let myself get all riled up about them. I think it’s healthy.

Now, the year that I almost peed with glee when Axl Rose started singing with Tom Petty? That wasn’t a proud moment in my life. I’d like to take it back, actually. I don’t know. I don’t know what that Axl used to do to me. I still don’t really understand it. I’m not asking you to, either.

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Video Made the Squishy Star

explaining anime and my play patterns

I wish I could tell you that my life is full of fun and games and whirlwind evenings of drunken hi-jinks, but in truth I’ve been at home scripting the American Dub for Lost Universe. Check out that link for the flash version of the trailer. That’s pretty cool. ADV is starting to put some cash behind the webpage. Now you can order City Hunter subs online and they’ll just send you all of the episodes as they finish. They haven’t offered this for the dubs yet (since we haven’t shot them) but we’ll start dubbing them in the fall. That means even more City Hunter for me. I’m stoked. I’m finishing the current movie today, which I think will be released this summer.

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concept piece

why we’re brilliant

Eric has come up with a new pill that you can take to get you out of uncomfortable situations with your significant other.   The concept of the pill is that as soon as you say something that you shouldn’t have, or you dig yourself in a hole, your body instantly shuts itself down and puts you to sleep:

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