Dial-Up Diva

I am sitting exactly as I was one year ago today. And just like one year ago today, I’m reading over email from you, telling me how you’re doing, and how you feel about my writing. Strange how our lives go in cycles, even when we think we’re doing something unpredictable. I love how there were so many familiar names in my inbox.

My computer crashed on Monday, taking with it the new novel I’d been working on and all of the nice email I’d received since Friday. I spent all of Monday trying to fix it. I called Sony, who basically told me that they don’t care about my problem and have no plans to fix it, even though it was the new battery that they sent me that caused the crash. I woke people up in the middle of the night. I scoured websites looking for someone with the answer to my question. I sat there with a disk that would just wipe the hard drive clean and start over. I made myself stop. I can’t believe I did it, but I made myself walk away from the computer and leave it. I cooled down. Now I have a new plan of attack. A friend is helping me out. I’m glad I didn’t delete it Monday night.

I just can’t stand having something broken like that. Something that I’ve fixed so many times. I understand computers. I’m the one that normally can fix it. I hate it when I have no control over the machine. I just sat there rebooting it over and over again, wishing it would play those soothing notes that mean Windows just started. But nothing. Just quiet and then a churning, and then the computer went into a loop and I would think about throwing it against the wall as hard as I could.

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weekend lessons

you pick up a few things here and there.

I’m going broke from everyone’s wish lists. It’s way too easy to just click and send. But in any event, thanks to Daniel, Erica and Kim, whose gifts arrived on Friday afternoon. Eric is starting to look jealous.

The weekend was spent shopping, performing, eating, and movie watching. Although none of those things are interesting when you just talk about them chronologically, they are a bit more entertaining when you just look at the lessons I learned from them:

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meows and movies

i think it’s all the testosterone

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is that this is my third attempt at this entry. I had it finished once, my machine froze, and then I had to do it again. Halfway through the second attempt, the machine froze again. I’ve figured out it was my CD. I’m not playing it this time.

But I’m tired of typing the following paragraph:

Cal is home. He’s got a microchip implanted in his fur as some sort of tracking device the shelter put in. He’s got a diode sticking out of his fur. Since he’s never going to leave the house and I’m sure Taylor will try and remove it, I’m asking the vet to take it out today to avoid any Cattaca jokes.

Taylor saw Cal and immediately said, “Hey, I’m Taylor! Are you my new friend? What does your butt smell like?” Understandably, Cal was upset by this quick meeting and went into a big hissing and growling fit. Taylor just looked at him. “What’s his problem?” At first Taylor was cautious, but when he saw that Cal is a bit of a stumbly cat, what with his tail being gone, Taylor calmed down. Now he’s winning all of the staring matches. He really surprises me. Cal will keep doing that scared singing and fluffing, but Taylor just keeps his cool and watches him without emotion. He’s like Christopher Walken. I think Taylor is going to keep his alpha male status. He knows all he has to do with Cal is “sweep the leg.”

Pamie hits “save” and takes a deep breath.

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webcom.com is wasting our time

It’s 83 degrees outside and people are actually complaining that it’s too cold.  Texans.

I don’t even want to write this entry because I know as soon as I do my site will go down again and then no one will be able to read it all day long.  This has been a very frustrating week for Squishy.  My pages keep disappearing from my server.  Luckily I have everything saved on my machine, but it’s really frustrating.  If I had been using their GUI interface instead of FTP I would have lost all of my stuff.

Thanks for sending me mail letting me know when you were having problems.  Some of them I might not have noticed if you hadn’t.

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i lived with john travolta

and why i hate samantha mathis

I’ve lived with many famous people. It’s not something well known, and not something I brag about. Okay, I rarely tell a soul. Because if I tell you why or how I lived with these people, you may leave.

Or at least laugh.

But I want to be honest with you, my dear readers, so here goes….

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being competitive

one upping the one person show

Oh, I’m sleepy.  It’s been a long week, but I’ve only been at work for three days.

We tech the show tonight.  This means for the first time ever people will see this show that aren’t Eric or the cats.  I’m a little nervous, but I’m sure Ray, Chuy and Matt will be a good crowd.  My hope is that if it really isn’t good one of them will come up to me and say, “Look, I really think you should just pretend that you came down with an illness or something and back out of this thing.  Really.  For your sake, for my sake… for everyone’s sake, really.”

But I’m sure that won’t happen.

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rage and ennui

how to write an award-winning one year journal

So, here we are.  One year later.  One year of Squishy.

I guess it’s been more of a journey for me than for anyone else.  I didn’t use to think of things like Doogie Howser.  Now every time something happens someone either pops out with a “This will be in Squishy,” or I think to myself, “How am I going to make this interesting enough for Squishy?”

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Weekend Recap

and an open letter to Mike Myers

Dear Mike Myers,

Thank you so much for making the sequel to Austin Powers every bit as much fun as the first one.  I laughed so much I didn’t even mind Fat Bastard, nor the fact that my loud, obnoxious laughing made the people behind me put a large glob of blue gum in my hair.  Even when Eric had to cut the piece of gum out of my head when I found it two hours later I just thought of Mini Me and everything was fine.  I went in thinking that I wasn’t going to like it and it was going to be a bunch of the same jokes, but you kept me surprised and peeing my pants.


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