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  • Hey, Pamie: “Is it okay that I’m a blogger?”

    I haven’t been procrastinating on the weekly procrastination series. I’ve been busy. You see, a holiday tradition in Hollywood is that producers and studios and networks and publishers finish their to-do lists so that they can go off on their vacations and trips to the parents and Hawaiian safaris and nightly festivities. This means all […]

  • I Understand Where Jason Was Coming From

    This has been a most unpleasant Friday the 13th. I wrote a story when I was nine about a kid who had the worst day of his life (bad test grade, grounded by parents, little sibling gets awesome present), only to figure out it was due to the date. Here I am, twenty years later, […]

  • I Miss Money

    Yesterday was a very expensive day. The City of Los Angeles wants two years of back business taxes from me, since I work at home. Did you know this? As a writer, you owe money to the city so that you can work at home. I have to file two years of back taxes. Luckily, […]

  • No Money, Mo Problems

    You know those days when you turn over your change jar and shake out all the quarters and then sadly you realize you have a bank account balance that would only please a twelve-year old? It’s one of those days. I hate stressing about money, and that’s the main thing going on today. I also […]

  • The House of Smut Revealed

    corrupting the mormon dolls Oh, man. I didn’t think it was possible, but I’m going to spend even more money today than I’ve ever spent not writing bills. pamie.com is bigger than the hosting plan I just bought. What does that mean for you? Well, it means I’m moving the site again, and in maybe […]

  • “your available balance is…”

    fought over like wolves by fifteen different companies Pay day. I made it. Very exciting. Now it’s time to give it all back to the various companies that own my checking account much more than I do. I sit back and I look at this stack of bills and I wonder how they pile up. […]