Tag: MoMfest

  • Halftime Report

    and i’m out of cigarettes So, I’m just sitting here watching the Texas/Oklahoma State game and it’s just now halftime, and it’s all strange and quiet around here. So, why not write on a Saturday? I don’t know.

  • Redirection

    the show must go on I was supposed to do my One Person Show “What A Girl Wants” for MOMfest this year. But there have been some technical difficulties (namely, the lack of a rear projector, a necessity for the show) so in a last-minute panic, a new show was born. And as most last-minute […]

  • Icy

    don’t say the wrong thing to me, mister. Happy Birthday Matt Sadler. And if you’re livin’ in the Austin area, come down to the Caucus Club tonight or tomorrow, between 8 and 10 pm for the MOMfest Benefit. Come early to see Eric and Jeff do the famous Slap Happy Pappy sketch, and my ass’ll […]