weezer countdown

just a few hours left

I’m really just killing time, now. I’m sorta pretending this is New Year’s Eve, as I really don’t have any great plans for tomorrow yet. We’ll think of something. But for right now, Rivers Cuomo better kiss me at midnight.

I’m also hiding from email. Apparently the Austin American Statesman has done it again, and yesterday’s front page of the technology section had a giant picture of my head with the question “Is Pamela Ribon Hot Or Not?”

Dude. I have ex-boyfriends in that damn town. I can never go home again.

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Too Much Time Together

movies and elbows

I can’t believe how much I’ve missed being sick for a full week. I’m so behind at work. I’m so behind on the web. Are you guys all still there? Are you all still the same? Oh, man. It’s amazing, because even though I wasn’t here, things were still churning along.

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