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  • Hey, Pamie: “I’m Uncomfortable with My Huge Doc.”

    Hey, Pamie: “I’m Uncomfortable with My Huge Doc.”

    This week’s Weekly Procrastination came via Twitter DM, so forgive the format.

  • Eyes on the Prize

    Eyes on the Prize

    I did it to myself, but it has happened and is happening, right now. I have a manuscript and a pilot script due on the same day. That day is quickly approaching.

  • Why Why Moms Are Weird

    Within 24 hours of posting information about my new book, someone was already complaining on Amazon. This person was nice enough to repeatedly state she was a fan of my writing, but found the title to be disappointing, and wildly lacking in imagination. I’d been planning to tell the story of how Why Moms Are […]

  • awesome.

    Is there anything more magical than that first second you go wireless? Answer: no. Every single day of this week has been filled with decisions from as tiny as “Do you want a sandwich or a salad for lunch?” to the big ones like, “What will we sleep on?” There’s a point yesterday when we’d […]