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  • two ladies from the past

    [scripty] AB “HellloooOOoooOOOoo?” PAMIE Hellloooooooo. AB So, this is the worst day ever. PAMIE I’m sorry. AB Cell phone broken. Internet broken. Husband out of town. No food. No wine. You’ve got a dead dog. Worst day ever. PAMIE Yeah, it’s not the best. And I think I’m getting a cold. AB I have no […]

  • using flickr to send a note to mad.

    using flickr to send a note to mad.

    Aw, Mad. I sure do miss you. Last night at the hotel I saw an ad for the movie Sky High, and now I owe you an apology. Remember when I tried to talk you out of watching it, that night at the crawfish restaurant when you told me you wanted to see it? Remember […]

  • a simple phone call.

    [scripty] AB Hellooo00ooo0o? PAMIE Ha! Hi. AB Why are you laughing at me? PAMIE Why did you answer the phone like that? AB Like what? PAMIE “Hellllo000oo0oo0?” AB Shut up. Did I sound like that? PAMIE “Hellllo000oo0oo0?” [/scripty]