take a deep breath

time to get things back to normal

Sorry for the late update.

We spent last night watching Lillith become more and more like her old self.  She came when you called her.  Her ears were perked up. Her tail was wagging.  She ate food that you put in front of her.  The problem?  Her eyes were still leaking and one was swollen shut.  Her breath was wheezy.

I was worried and was trying to clean her face.  I figured it was time to bring her in to the vet on an emergency call.

That is, until Eric got home.

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my cat’s name is radiohead

she’s a big cat in a skinny cat’s body

Are you supposed to refrigerate baby food that is left over?

I am really tired this morning.  After work yesterday I went to rehearsal.  I haven’t done a “play” play in a while, so it was sort of strange to hear people using those phrases like “the world of the characters” and “finding the core” and such.  I think this is going to be a good experience for me.

If it doesn’t kill me.

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pork chop patrol

and why i’m jealous of eric

So yesterday after saying how great Lillith was doing, she went right under the couch and hid there for a good portion of the afternoon.  Eric came home for lunch, and she came out to see him and let him pet her.  He left, she went under the couch.

The vet called to check on her and told me that I should try giving her tuna water.  The only thing I can get her to do right now is drink every once in a while and eat a couple of bites.  We talked about whether to bring her in again for a check up.  The stress of going to the vet could kill her, so I’ll probably just keep giving verbal reports.

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my kitty the gerbil

baby steps to health and a rant about journalling

Thank you, everyone for all of your kind e-mails and entries and phone calls.  It’s been nice to have so many people rooting for us.

Last night was hard.  Lillith looked horrible when I got home.  She didn’t want to come out from under the futon.  I had gone to the pharmacy to pick up something to force-feed her with and the pharmacist from the hold-up was there and he asked what I needed.  I told him my cat wasn’t eating and he gave me two syringes free of charge.  I guess when you survive robberies together you stick together even if you don’t know each other’s names.

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Eric and I moped around the airport.  I felt terrible.  I was sleepy and sad.  They told us the flight was overbooked, and asked if we’d be willing to take a bump on the flight for $400 worth of travel vouchers.  We said we would.

We sat around and waited to see if we were going to get bumped.  I told Eric why I was sad.  I hate saying goodbye to his family.  He told me that I shouldn’t get so upset.  I’ll see them again.

They called us up.  They didn’t need to bump us but since we were so nice to offer, we were going to fly to Houston first class.  First class!  I’ve never flown first class before!

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sour puss

why my kitty might take up D&D

Wednesday night I noticed that Taylor had a bit of something under his chin. When I got closer, I noticed that it wasn’t just food, it was some sort of scab. Three weeks ago the same thing had happened. Taylor is not one to let you hold him or anything, so Eric and I both grabbed him– Eric holding down Taylor’s bottom half and me holding his top half with one hand and tilting his head back with the other. When I finally got a good look at it there was a very large scab on his chin, with several small bumps all around it. I was worried that he was in pain, so I touched it slightly to see if that made a response. It didn’t. He was just angry about being held. We let him go. I didn’t know if he had given himself that cut through some sort of irritation or rash, or if Lillith had done it to them in all of their play/mortal kombat

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