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  • Hey, Pamie: “How do I get an agent if I’m a writer/director/filmmaker?”

    Today’s Weekly Procrastination came from an email out of last week’s comments section, and is a little out of my wheelhouse. So I enlisted the help of my longtime friend Kat Candler. Kat and I met at the Kansas City Film Festival what feels like six million years ago, and I’ve watched her grow into […]

  • professional apartment therapist: ab chao.

    Look who’s in apartment therapy. I’m looking forward to being her guidance counselor during TV Camp. I’m currently sewing my name in my underwear, too, as I’m about to start writing for this show. Drive safely, pretty lady. LA is fixing to fix up some mimosas, and I can’t wait for the giddy combination of […]

  • you be the judge.

    you be the judge.

    Dinner is cooking, my Moxi tells me it’s overheating, and Time Warner Cable tells me I’m experiencing a hold time of upwards of thirty minutes, but please be assured it’ll be handled as quickly as possible. This means you now get to ponder the question that bothered me during the two plus hours I was […]

  • One Night In Los Angeles

    One Night In Los Angeles

    When the Ghetto Gourmet comes to your town, don’t miss the chance to eat good food in a stranger’s house. You might end up reuniting with old friends. Tandi, Julie, David (not pictured) and I worked together more than ten years ago at UT. Chef Josh was our boss back then, and that man has […]

  • outside is weird.

    I was sitting in the lobby of a studio, waiting for a meeting. I had before never met the person I was meeting, so whenever someone walked out of the doors I’d look up. My arms were crossed over my chest and my legs were crossed, jumpy from the coffee. A woman approached me and […]