It’s Not That Scary: The Guatemala Stories (Part Four)


I really wrote all of that stuff before so I could tell you this, my favorite story from the trip.

Okay, look. We’ve been through a lot together, you guys. So here is where I tell you that I was two hours into the road trip to Solola, at a gas station in the middle of nowhere, in a caravan where I still hadn’t learned everybody’s name, when I got my period. Continue reading

I Saw a Lot of Ladyparts and Now I’m Soft.

So Tara was coming to town and mentioned she’d like to get a massage. I’d recently spoken to two different friends who had just come back from a place called Olympic Spa, and they both said to me, “I go whenever I can.” One of them lives in Hawaii. If you wake up in Maui every day and there’s a place in Los Angeles you dream about? It’s got to be pretty good.

Going to Olympic Spa would hit on several things I enjoy at once.

1. Koreatown.
2. Massages and scrubs.
3. More stories about being naked near Tara, just in case one day I get to write a book about it. Continue reading