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  • Meeting John Cusack

    and we both learn a lesson I am angry, shocked and pissy that the office where I work has begun blocking websites they feel hurt productivity. It might be just a matter of days before I can’t access this page there anymore. I don’t want to talk about it. I only have another week here, […]

  • Whhhe-hew.

    i think my eyelids just melted. (Spoilers inside for High Fidelity, so watch out.) Hot. Not like, “Oh, it’s warm outside, you might want to put on some shorts and sandals.” It’s like, “What are you doing wearing clothes, are you crazy?” hot. Hot. HOT. They (and I love calling them ‘They,’ by the way) […]

  • Oh, Man.

    hiding under the futon didn’t help Sometimes you look up and it’s already time to go home. It’s not even a good excuse for not having an entry today, but that’s the only one I got right now. Birthday Week is still going on, since someone told me it’s not over until the last present’s […]