why book tours are weird.

In a couple of hours I have an interview with a bat. Or a man named Bat. Or a bat posing as a man. The point is, I’m supposed to look like a real writer, one who knows what she’s doing, and can talk about it extensively and entertainingly enough that someone would want to click a button and listen for an hour.

So the real question is: what do I wear?

Answer: my green “Reading is Sexy” t-shirt. Blue hoodie. White flouncy skirt. Jill Soloway shoes.

this is a blurb.

“Ribon’s newest novel is hilarious and heartfelt. Why Moms Are Weird tackles the absurd morass of family with joyful wit and brutal honesty. I barrelled through this book.” — Jill Soloway, writer and co-executive producer of Six Feet Under, and author of Tiny Ladies In Shiny Pants.

I like that blurb.

Did you link to my book or write a review? I can only obsessively google the title so many times, and not everything shows up. So please let me know if you helped spread the word that the new novel is here, so I can thank you more directly.

the perks.

The first pass pages just arrived of Why Moms Are Weird. This is the first time it really looks like a book, with justified margins and special fonts for the chapter headings, and a dedication all in bold.

This is when I somehow get even more nervous, because that means it’s only a few short months now before someone like you can hold it in your hands, take it into your bed, and judge me. Continue reading