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  • why book tours are weird.

    In a couple of hours I have an interview with a bat. Or a man named Bat. Or a bat posing as a man. The point is, I’m supposed to look like a real writer, one who knows what she’s doing, and can talk about it extensively and entertainingly enough that someone would want to […]

  • this is a blurb.

    “Ribon’s newest novel is hilarious and heartfelt. Why Moms Are Weird tackles the absurd morass of family with joyful wit and brutal honesty. I barrelled through this book.” — Jill Soloway, writer and co-executive producer of Six Feet Under, and author of Tiny Ladies In Shiny Pants. I like that blurb. Did you link to my […]

  • the perks.

    The first pass pages just arrived of Why Moms Are Weird. This is the first time it really looks like a book, with justified margins and special fonts for the chapter headings, and a dedication all in bold. This is when I somehow get even more nervous, because that means it’s only a few short […]