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  • ow.

    [scripty] PAMIE Hellooooo? JESSICA Hi. Are you okay? PAMIE Yeah. Hi. Are you okay? JESSICA Well, no, but… You sound funny. Are you crying? PAMIE I’m… Okay, I’m eating this curry. And it’s seriously the hottest thing I’ve ever eaten in my life. After every five minutes I have to stop eating it because my […]

  • my television is freaking me out.

    my television is freaking me out.

    That’s Jessica’s brother! He apparently worked with the people who make the iPhone commercials, and they liked the way his name looked, so they used it in their ad. Or something like that. Jessica explained it, but I was distracted, feeling like the world is getting smaller and smaller. I wish it were even smaller […]

  • Pottery Barn

    Pottery Barn

    Here’s how long the new Harry Potter movie is: Long enough for me to think I saw Diane Keaton and create a story in my head where the woman she was talking to that looked sort of like Diane Keaton had to have been Diane Keaton’s sister, and I imagined they took their kids to […]

  • books and cats (cliched journaling entry #325)

    books and cats (cliched journaling entry #325)

    It’s been rather monotonous here. I’m writing, I’m reading, I’m working. Doesn’t make for much of a journal entry, but I don’t want you to think that I’ve forgotten you. So, I figured to appease you and to clear my conscience, I’ll just blah-blah on about how droll things are, and whenever you’re about to […]