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  • scene from a bachelorette party

    [scripty] ALEX So, um, pamie. How are you holding up? …You know, with the whole Johnny Depp thing. PAMIE What? WHAT?! WHAT HAPPENED? ALEX Oh. I thought you would have known. His kid is sick. PAMIE Really? Which one? ALEX I… well, I didn’t know he had more than one. PAMIE HE HAS TWO. ALEX […]

  • Dear R Kelly…

    Dear R Kelly…

    You might be aware of how your fans feel about your recent work, but I bet you rarely get the chance to see people watch your brilliant Trapped In the Closet series. So I present to you: the moment just after the last word in Chapter Nine:

  • writer’s ear + office ass = runner’s tears

    Well, it’s official. Lately when I order my coffee from whichever boy is behind the counter that day, he calls me by my name and makes a joke about either my current order, or one I’ve had before. I’ve never had a coffee shop where people know me by name. This means I have logged […]

  • Crazy From the Heat

    I somehow got away with spending my entire yesterday in a bikini. I somehow got away with spending my entire past week like I was still in high school. Monday night I went to spend time with my oldest friend. I saw clips from the movie he wrote and directed. It’s the biggest thing he’s […]

  • Jessica.

    Let’s see. Bit of a wine headache, little bit groggy, and feeling like I spoke all the words ever invented — must have hung out with Jessica last night. She arrives at my house and it’s like Texas has come for a visit. Always in a patterned skirt/blouse combination absolutely nobody else could pull off. […]

  • Dear Aspen…

    [readermail] Dear Eddie Izzard, Sorry I made an ass out of myself standing next to you on a staircase. See, Jessica really likes you, and I do, too, but I wanted her to see she was standing next to you. I’m sorry I kind of pushed her into you while you were trying to dial […]

  • up in aspen

    In the corner of this condo, by the couches, we have found wireless. I do not recommend trying to carry a stack of wood and two bags of groceries five blocks, in the snow, in the dark, by yourself. What seemed like a good idea last night became one of the dumbest things I’ve ever […]

  • obligatory wedding stories (random)

    The cost of alterations (a simple hem) is almost half the cost of the dress itself. I went in a few weeks ago and put on the dress, standing in front of their large mirrors. I had put the dress on twice since I’d gotten it home over the summer. No. Wait. Three times. The […]