Two You Tube Finds and Ray

First: everything you need to know about the strike, with Neal Pollack and his five-year old son Elijah.

Then, another from the series Strike Life. This one features friends Laura House, Jason Allen and Liz Feldman.

And for those of you wondering how to one day find yourself semi-naked with Jake Gyllenhaal and Natalie Portman, Ray offers his easy thirty-two step plan. (For reasons I cannot understand, he omitted the part where six years ago he wrote his goals in black Sharpie on the walls of our brick patio.)

Going Outside

I’ve been having some email problems, so if you’ve emailed me recently and I’ve taken way too long to get back to you, know that I’m either going to email you back or I just lost the damn thing entirely. That appears to be the one growing pain in the site move, and the guys hosting me are working on it as fast as they can.

The company I went with is called Myrmid, and so far they’ve been more than excellent at answering all of my questions, taking time to talk to me immediately, and made me feel right at home. They were recommended by the guy who runs 8-bit Theater, and he couldn’t say enough good things about them, so there you go. If you’re looking for hosting with real people who treat you as a human being and not a stack of fifties, then tell ’em I sent you.

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