Tag: Hook Em

  • the bevolution has arrived.

    When men want attention from women who are complete strangers, they get a dog to walk, or borrow a baby to carry. If you’re a woman who would like to have random conversations with men you’ve never met before and will never see again, you might want to put some kind of Longhorn sticker on […]

  • Suck It, Kamenetzky — The Rebuttal

    [I offered Andy a chance to respond to last night’s post when he called last night to ask, “All you got was ‘Suck it, Kamentzky?’ Twice?” Here it is.]


    I drank my Shiner, called Texas a few times, and taught Dan how football works. [Pam: “I can teach you everything you need to know about football in four minutes.” Dan: “Yeah, I do believe I read a book about it?“] Anyway, all of this post is to say: Suck it, Kamenetzky. Don’t email me […]

  • waitin’ on the big game

    (photo: stee learns how you listen to sports in the south) It took a billion hours to get home last night because every airport in this country is stuffed with Longhorns. It’s hard to get pissy when everyone’s in burnt orange, all trying hard to get to your hood. Welcome back to the East side, Horns. […]