Tag: High School

  • The Cure: Disintegration

    Song: “Love Song” The sound of The Cure reminds me of my first year I moved to Houston. I went to two different schools in that time, and it was a huge switch from living in Jackson, Mississsippi. The music changed completely. Back in Jackson, I was pretty much on my own in terms of […]

  • Weezer: Pinkerton

    Song: “Across the Sea” I know, I know. Any excuse to talk about Weezer. But I swear, this is the song on my iPod! I promise! I was just singing it.

  • Crazy From the Heat

    I somehow got away with spending my entire yesterday in a bikini. I somehow got away with spending my entire past week like I was still in high school. Monday night I went to spend time with my oldest friend. I saw clips from the movie he wrote and directed. It’s the biggest thing he’s […]

  • Can You Handle My Truth?

    Okay, seriously. I’m still feeling bad about the other week, when I had too much wine and ended up forcing friends of mine to watch old videos of me in high school because I couldn’t believe how funny it was that my voice used to be deeper, and my friends were so funny, and I […]

  • up in aspen

    In the corner of this condo, by the couches, we have found wireless. I do not recommend trying to carry a stack of wood and two bags of groceries five blocks, in the snow, in the dark, by yourself. What seemed like a good idea last night became one of the dumbest things I’ve ever […]

  • pretty in pink

    high school confessions and lost muscle tone I got home yesterday to find a package on my table.  No, it wasn’t the latest book I’d ordered from Amazon.  It wasn’t CD’s.  It wasn’t a friendly package from a Squishy reader.  It was Tae-Bo Live Advanced 3.  Billy apparently decided to continue the series. I don’t […]

  • kids and violence

    it’s not just after school anymore My high school years were easy. I’m just saying this now, so that if I have kids someday and they are in high school and they start talking about their day I never say to them, “Oh, it’s just high school.  Everyone goes through it.  It’s nothing.  You think […]

  • size does matter

    i just want to impress you with my length When I was younger I remember daytime television being really interesting. I could watch five consecutive hours of talk shows. Now I couldn’t sit through five minutes of Sally or ten minutes of Ricki before I started looking around the house for something to do. So, […]