Making Friday Feel Like Sunday

Someone said to me recently, “If I were in your situation right now, where I was totally unemployed? I would spend my entire morning in my robe, drinking coffee and reading, until it was time to sit outside in the sun, drinking champagne and reading. Perhaps still in my robe. That’s what I’d do every day.”

I can’t do that every day, because I’m pretty sure I’d like it enough to do it every day for the rest of my life. But: I’m giving to give that a try for today. Me being me though, I have to nerd it up a little. Coffee is brewing while I stream last night’s Samantha Who?. I will add watching The Office and 30 Rock to that time between robe-wearing (I don’t have a robe, so I’m going to stay in what I wore to bed) and champagne-sipping. And I know at one point I’m going to end up watching my last Netflix that’s here, because it’s Helvetica, and I’m the only geek on this planet yet to see it. What I’m saying is: about to have a wonderful Friday, wish you were here.

Have a good weekend, everybody. Hope you didn’t get fired for watching yesterday’s video. But if you did, at least now you know how to enjoy the free time. Wait… oh, man. Did I just put myself on a “Stay-cation”?!

cookie puss

We had our first table read for season two yesterday.

That’s a very exciting thing, being on a show that comes back for another year. But this second year is still the first year, and I kind of forgot how we went straight from season one to the strike to season one point five, to this second season without a break.

That is, until Melissa McCarthy looked me over and said, “You guys… you didn’t get a break, did you? Not even like, a day.”

The actors were so tan. All of them, all healthy and glowing and pretty, happy to have had time off where they weren’t unemployed; they were on hiatus. It’s the same empty schedule, but a hiatus is allowed to be called a vacation. Continue reading