Stars Hollow-een

We were talking about scary movies at work when someone said, “You know the last thing I did that really scared me? I rode my bike back from the stage to the office last night.”

I knew exactly what he was about to say. “Oh, God!” I shouted. “You rode through Stars Hollow at night!”


“It’s terrifying!” Continue reading


We didn’t have any candy for trick-or-treaters last night, as we spent almost all of yesterday flying back to California, and the rest of it driving from LAX to our home. While unpacking, cleaning, sorting and cat-checking, all the things you do when you return home after ten days, we remembered that it was Halloween. At the last house we were in a neighborhood near a school, and children would come to our door all night. It was always a blast. In fact, the first year we ran out of candy so early stee drove to the store for more, while I gave out I-swear-they-aren’t-poisoned cookies until he came back. This year we figured with the house on a hill on a mostly empty street that’s off another hill that we wouldn’t see any candy beggars. Continue reading