last call for the mississippi book drive

This is the last day to donate to Dewey’s book drive for the Harrison County Library System.

I am beyond proud to report that in just over two months, we sent 1835 books, cds and DVDs and over $2700. Thanks to everybody who gave, spread the word, and then came back and gave again. You helped replace something that was missing and needed. Thanks for being a hero and a friend.


I can’t say I wish I had more time to write here, because I’m pretty happy with what is keeping me so busy right now. But it’d be nice to have more time here to write down what life has been like, mostly for me to have later (because this is supposed to be a diary, after all). I’m back at work on the Oxygen show for a few weeks, doing rewrite work on the pilot, and that has been much more fun than I could have predicted. I’m finishing a recap. I’m finishing the latest draft of the WGAW screenplay. I’m working on the book revisions. And in a couple of days I leave for Aspen. Continue reading