the a to z's of where i've been

Absent:  I’ve been absent all week.  I’m sorry.

Bronchitis:  The reason I’ve been absent.  Spent yesterday in the emergency room.  I thought I had the flu, but Wednesday night I could hardly breathe.  Turns out the bronchitis triggered a mondo asthma attack, and they had me breathing through some smoky oxygen tube for thirty minutes before they gave me some drugs to take home.  I feel terrible.  My lungs are killing me.

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chihuahuas can talk

and other things i learned from my grandmother

It occurs to me that I’ve never mentioned my grandmother.

I think this is because it may take a while to tell you everything.  This weekend my mom was up for Mother’s Day, and she went to see our play (Austinites!  Only two weeks left to see Boys’ Life at the Movements Gallery), and then we spent Sunday together playing Scrabble and having lunch.

Eric brought up the fact that we will have a couple of trips to the Northeast over the next few months, and how it would be interesting to go and visit my grandmother.

“Oh, you haven’t told him about your grandmother,” my mom said.

“No, I have.  I’m sure he’s just joking.”

“No,” Eric said, “I just want to see if what you guys said is the truth.  I can’t believe it until I see it.”

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