Gorillaz: Demon Days

Song: “Feel Good Inc.

AB’s going through songs on my iPod for her own collection. “What’s Gorillaz?” she just asked. When I found out she hadn’t heard any Gorillaz, including this song, I geeked, “It’s only the best song of the summer!”

AB just stared at me, cigarette in mid-air. “Well, okay,” she said, patiently. But her eyes said, “My friend Pam is a dork.”

Crazy From the Heat

I somehow got away with spending my entire yesterday in a bikini.

I somehow got away with spending my entire past week like I was still in high school.

Monday night I went to spend time with my oldest friend. I saw clips from the movie he wrote and directed. It’s the biggest thing he’s ever done, and it’s good to see him so proud of something.

We looked at his baby pictures, watching him get older and older, going through sad phases, grumpy phases, one unfortunate tryst with a mullet.

I turned the page and smiled.

That’s the boy,” I said.

“Yeah, look how young I am.”

“I can’t believe we have known each other that long.”

“Look how good I look in this picture.”

“I know. That’s why I was a moron for you.” Continue reading


die fraulein est strangen! There is nothing cuter than a box of these arriving at your doorstep. Inside each copy is a postcard with an ad for German coffee. I can’t read a word of my book, but I love it.


In my own personal battle of Depp V. Chocolate, it’s as if chocolate never existed.


Currently reading: The Botany of Desire: A Plant’s-Eye View of the World. Recently finished: Peace Like a River. This was a friend’s recommendation, otherwise I don’t think I ever would have ever picked up a coming-of-age book set in Montana, peppered with an epic poem. I’m glad she told me about it.


Currently dancing to: Gorillaz, Demon Days.