Tag: Good People

  • inbox, part seven.

    [readermail] Pamie, My friend Joanne has been reading your blog for years, and when she saw you were doing a comedy show she made her fiance and I attend it. It was the one where you sang a song about M. Night Shya-ma-ly-i-an and then revealed spoilers for various movies. (The Prestige was ruined for […]

  • inbox, part five.

    Oh, man, do I love that first moment when people realize they’re on “Oprah’s Favorite Things.” Those women go batshit. It makes me laugh my ass off every single year. [db] [readermail] Pamie, I’m just a tv fan, not involved in the industry, and I have to admit, I was really confused about the entire […]

  • inbox, part four.

    Two hours into this, and I’m feeling much better. Thanks. [readermail] Hey Pamie. I admire you for what you’re doing right now, I can’t imagine how hard it is. You are very strong and brave. I’m far away in Virginia, but sending you and the rest of the writers all the support in the world. […]

  • inbox, part three.

    [readermail] Pamie, You probably don’t remember me – I met you at the first journalcon – and we had written at the time (although I’d say the last time was … oh about 7 years ago) – I still have the tae bo tapes you sent me – not that I’m using them anymore. I […]

  • inbox, part two.

    Happy birthday, Anna Beth. I miss you, old lady. [db] Keep your fingers crossed for tomorrow’s negotiations… and for tomorrow night’s episode of Samantha Who? — which moves to its brand-new time slot at 9pm (8pm Central)! (Following the season finale of Dancing With the Stars!) (My life is so very very very weird.) Want […]