It’s Not That Scary: The Guatemala Stories (Part One)

“You’ve only known these people for a week?! Pam, you are so brave!”

“Some would call it ‘crazy.’”

Even saying I’d known my traveling partners for a week was being a bit generous. We’d had two meetings over that week, and a few frantic emails on my end. Total amount of time I’d known these people before I left the country with them: about three hours. Continue reading

for my next adventure: the girl who’s never even been camping goes big.

Over the years I’ve thought about doing a continuing series on this site called It’s Not That Scary. Because sometimes I end up doing things that some people consider daunting or frightening. Like jump out of an airplane. Eat a bug in Thailand. Buy a house. (Okay, that last one I still consider rather horrible even though I barely had to do anything and had lots of help, but I’m still kind of scarred and unsure when I’ll attempt homeownership again.)

But I like new adventures, and travel is good for you. So here’s my newest It’s Not That Scary, even though I think I can’t really call it that until it’s over and I can prove that it’s not that scary. Continue reading