she lives in caps lock

Andi Teran was the new kid.

I’d been the new kid time and time again, and hadn’t been on the other side before. She was the one who didn’t know anybody, who wasn’t sure of how to get around, what to think of all of us. And look, this girl, she was really cool. Cool in a way I hadn’t exactly been exposed to before. It had been a long time since I’d come across someone who made me shy because she was just that much cooler than I could ever be. I mean, she had her own apartment! She had an Emily the Strange sticker on her car. In 1994. Continue reading

Happy Birthday, Doug


Maybe you’ve come by today to find out why I haven’t called you yet. It would be the first time I haven’t called on your birthday in the seventeen years we’ve known each other. And this day’s even more important– this being your thirtieth birthday. You know I tried. I guess your number has changed since last year. Oddly enough, the man with your number’s name is also Doug, but different wife, different last name, and certainly a different voice than the one I’ve come to quickly identify over the almost two decades we’ve known each other.

Please call or send an email. I’m going to try to find your email address when I get home tonight. You know I would never forget your birthday.